Making Your List

A well planned out grocery list can be a hidden helper to savings at the store. How you prepare for you grocery trip is an important key in the overall plan to save money. Here are some helpful tips for making your shopping list! Grab your coupons, ads, notepad and a clear space at the table. It’s time to get your Grocery List On!

  • Make a list of all the items you need. Everything you need for that weeks menu, stockpile items and basic items.
  • Organize your list by type of item, store layout, or whatever works best for you.
  • Start a list for each store. Where ever you find the item the cheapest, add it to that list.
  • If you find any deals make sure to add those to your lists as well.
  • Grab your coupons and see what savings you can score on. Make sure to grab any that will stack with a store coupon that week to maximize your savings.

I like to start with my main store ad when making my list. Then I move onto the other store ads that I ad match. I place those coupons in separate envelopes by store so that it saves time at checkout. Being flexible is a good thing when making your list. Pork Chops might be on a great sale that week instead of chicken breasts, so you may want to adjust your menu plan. I always take along all of my coupons in case I spot an unadvertised deal.

Here are a few free printables to help you organize your shopping list: